#808: The Hazed Youth

1999, Singapore

Bringing articles on fashion and life and what goes on in asia.

#807: Michael Topschij

1996, New Zealand

I'm a young aspiring author from the bottom of the world who loves reading books. I share my reviews on books I'm reading in amoung the craziness going on in my life.

#806: Grace Says

2000, USA

Grace Says is a little home of my travels, photography, stories and inspiration.

#805: Joeheartbooks

2003, India

hello lovelies .....this is my blog and I am joe ....your blogger ....this blog is about a lot of things mainly books but i talk my mind so .....here it is ..to know me better just take a look you shall love it ;)

#804: someone blessed

My photo

2001, Philippines

Hey, everyone! Welcome to my blog. My name is Bea, your typical teenager. I'm new to this blogging stuff yet I have a lot to share. Here, expect me to write about everything and anything I am passionate about and things that deserve a voice based on how I see it. See you around!

#803: One Happy Gal

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1999, New Zealand

Just another ordinary girl living an extraordinary life. The life which I blog about on my little space on the net. This blog tends to be about fashion, lifestyle and well-being. But in some cases I also blog about random topics which I categorized under "other".

#802: Teenage Training


2000, UK

Hey I'm really wanting to help out every teenager to be happy and healthy because I know , just like every one else out here , how hard it is to go from a child to an adult and so here is a bog about every thing that may keep me and other happy and healthy .

#801: Wednesday19th

1998, Spain

My blog is a place where I write about my interests, therefore it is pretty random. I'm a student who loves travelling and reading, as well as taking pictures and decorating my bedroom. You will find everything in there, maybe even something you like!

#800: Agapi


2000, USA

Agapi is a random blog filled with my thoughts, recipes, and ideas.

#799: ChatterboxLottie

2001, UK

Hello there, I'm Lottie and I blog about what its like being an awkward 15 year old girl. This includes makeup, my personal experiences, random thoughts I have at like 1am (don't tell me you don't have them) how to survive school and general girly things.

#798: Enchanted Club

2000, Australia

A place where I can rant, share my travel experiences and put up photos. An outlet for a 16 year old's bursting mind.

#797: Chasing Sunshine


2002, India

We live in a world where half of the people are starving and half are trying to lose weight, where people have 500 friends on facebook but none in real life, where insecurity and anxiety are taking over the minds of the youth. But happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one remembers to turn on the light. So this blog is basically the view of the world from a not-so-ordinary-girl. Everyone is too busy fighting their demons and battles. Life can be tough but so can you.

#796: Harshita Kapur

1999, India

An Indian girl who blogs her thoughts and makeup. My blog represents me, a mix of a girly girl and a girl who would go for the movies in sweatpants, not kidding here! Come and join me on my journey.

#795: Teen Author Blog

1998, USA

Official blog of Beth Lynn, teen author of the Glacier Series

#794: The Guy With A Thousand Names

1998, India

A blog about being a teenager and all the drama and stupid happenings that come with the package

#793: Join On The Journey

My photo

1999, USA

My blog is about what goes on through out my life and the way I think. I think everyone deserves to be heard.

#792: The Blooming Creative

1999, Switzerland

Hi there! I'm blogging about my passion of creating things. On my blog you can find art, lifestyle and travels

#791: LifeStylesByYoursTruly

1998, Nigeria

I'm Mide(pronounced me,like Milly and de,like Sundae) and I was born sarcastic. If I sound off my rockers, I'm probably deprived of sugar...or maybe that's just the way I am, UNAPOLOGETICALLY QUIRKY!!! ;)

#790: Grace Says

2000, USA

My name is Grace and I love writing, photographing and traveling. Grace Says is a little home for all my stories, photography and adventures.

#789: The Chits Life

2002, India

I tend to listen to myself more than I actually listen to others. This blog is just a timeline of my thoughts. Each day or each time I write something here, it just becomes a reminder to myself that I have something to believe in and that I make myself and that others do not make me.

#788: addulcet

1998, Malaysia

Ad - my name, Adina. Dulcet - sweet and soothing. Hi, my name is Adina, I am 18 years old and I come from Malaysia. As an 18-year-old girl, I've been through at least 18 years worth of pleasant and unpleasant journey, and surely it won't stop there. I love to share thoughts on my life experience. Basically, everything in my blog is for all of you who are searching for friends to walk together to travel our teenage world (:

#787: The Ritz Blog

2001, India

This blog is my attempt at documenting my wild thoughts and I really do hope to be of some help to people :D

#786: Acting Natural

1999, UK

Hiya, I'm Ella. I'm a 17 year old college student. Everyone is fighting their own demons and battles, me included. This blog isn't specific, it's just my journey on acting natural. I mainly ramble on about books, creative writing and my own journey to recovery. Hope you enjoy.

#785: studyeco

1999, UK

Documenting my journey to a eco friendly minimalist lifestyle with fewer possessions :)

#784: Storm and Silence

1999, Pakistan

Hola! Follow and join me on my journey in the blog world! I write about anything and everything that comes to mind including my experiences in life and what I learned from them. I write letters to myself and to other people as well. P.S: I just started blogging so please leave comments and let me know what you think about my blog :)