Blogger of the Month: Róisín from Totally Ró!

Last month we put Madeline from a chic bookworm in the spotlight as February's Blogger of the Month, but February is long gone. In March TBC went on to interview one of our most musical members (seriously, go check out her covers on YouTube) ever: Róisín from Totally Ró!

Now I could introduce her to you, but she does a way better job at this thing than I do, so take it away Ró!

Hi, I'm Róisín (pronounced Row-ShIan) but most of the Internet call me Ró. I am a 17, nearly 18 year old Irish blogger from Totally Ró. I am dyslexic which is slightly ironic since I am a Blogger also! I write about lifestyle and beauty with the occasional travel post, books or what I have been up to.

1) What is your perfect pizza?
A perfect pizza is a pizza without pineapple on it. I am sorry to all you fruit on pizza lovers but I personally think it tastes funky. I think a hybrid pizza of pepperoni and BBQ. It has the best of both worlds and also BBQ sauce.

2) What's your favorite film of all time?
Surprisingly it hasn't been a movie that I watched since I was three years old but one I watched last year. Back to the Future is just an amazing film and if you haven't watched it, I would highly recommend it. I love the creativity behind the story, the set, costumes and the special effects. For a movie made in 1985, the effects are AMAZING and it brings you into the world of Marty McFly and his adventures.

3) Where do you see yourself in ten years?
In ten years time I will be 28, that's even weird to say. I hope to be working somewhere that I enjoy after travelling. I want to knock a few things off my bucket list, like trying out stand up comedy. I hope to still be acting and singing even if it's not professional. I don't think I'll be married or have any kids but maybe have a boyfriend and a dog to spoil rotten and possibly leaving outside of Ireland, maybe the US or UK. To be honest, I don't know will I be blogging in 10 years time unless I had The Delorean to do some time travelling. I would like to be blogging then but situations might change.

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Blogger of the Month: Madeline from a chic bookworm!

Are you guys ready for our next Blogger of the Month? January saw us feature Noor from Noor's Place, but now it's time to introduce our favorite blogger for February: Madeline from a chic bookworm!

As you can probably guess, Madeline is a book blogger, but not just any book blogger. This girl understands the Instagrammable art of flatlays. Her bookstagram is goals and her reviews are just as good as the pics that accompany them.
If reviews aren't your thing, a chic bookworm is still the blog for you. Madeline's other book themed posts are so original and will make you smile. We'd especially recommend her post '6 Fictional Names I Can't Pronounce And Never Will Be Able To'. She also writes more lifestyle, like her Morning Musings series, and posts on photography. Ready to get to know Madeline? Here's your chance!

1) What is your favorite junk food?
My favorite junk food would definitely have to be ice cream! Dark chocolate and coffee are my two very favorite flavors!

2) Which three places in the world would you go to if money wasn't a problem?
Hmm... the place that is on the top of  my list would be visiting South Korea. it's where my family is from, and I would love to meet my relatives. Not to mention that Korean food is so. delicious. As for the other two, maybe Paris and New Zealand? Paris has such amazing art museums and history, which I would love to explore, and I think that visiting would also help my French language skills! New Zealand sounds so beautiful and a place that would be awesome to explore with my whole family!

3) Which quote never fails to inspire you?
"Working hard becomes a habit, a serious kind of fun. You get self-satisfaction from pushing yourself to the limit, knowing that all the effort is going to pay off." - Mary Lou Retton Hard work is definitely one of the things in my life that is most important to me. Whether it's doing well in school, running, or even blogging, I believe that everything requires at least a sort of hard work for you to succeed. At this point in my life, I think that I have figured out how to have fun with hard work, and, just like the quote says, know that it's going to pay off someday. This quote really inspires me when I am feeling less sure that all the work I am doing is going to pay off.

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Blogger of the Month: Noor from Noor's Place!

Now what's this? I can almost hear you think it. This, my friends, is the comeback of our Blogger of the Month series! Every month we at TBC will introduce you to one of the awesome bloggers from out community. In 2017 we're starting of with a big name: Noor Unnahar from Noor's Place!

Noor was one of the first bloggers to sign up for Teenage Blogger Central, back when we were really small. Our community has grown quite a bit since then, but that's nothing compared to the things Noor has accomplished in the years since she signed up! Not only does she have an amazing(ly popular) lifestyle blog, she's also an Instagram queen and ventured out to YouTube in 2016. To be honest, we couldn't let the opportunity to interview one of our favorte Pakistani members slide, so we asked Noor a couple of questions. Let's get to know her a little better, shall we?

1) What is your favorite song?
I am loving Find My Way by Eric Arjes. It's such a sweet song. I first listened to it on Teen Wolf when (if you're a Teen Wolf fan *highfive* you might know what I'm talking about) Stiles saved Lydia from the evil doctor and took her out of the hellholl that was her mental asylum. SRSLY. I love the lyrics, the tunes, and everything about it.

2) What inspires you to blog?
Creativity and the yearning to keep making progress inspire me to blog. I spend a good deal of time making content for my blog, taking photos for Instagram and blog post, and managing social media. It all goes in positive ways. I am sure if I stop doing it, a lot of my time will go into unhealthy hobbie, like binge watching Gossip Girl. Hashtag struggles.

3) What's you favorite film of all time?
Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham (a bollywood movie). It's about a family that tears apart but eventually falls back together. It's such a heart-warming movie. I get emotional every time I watch it. And by emotional I mean, legitally crying and sobbing kinda emotional. A particular scene, when the son enters the mall where his mother is shopping and she immeditely feels that he has arrived and goes to him in a state of shock, I LOVE IT. I have watched it so many times and cried.

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Enjoys sharing my own perspectives as well as talking about things that happen in my daily adventurous life.

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Hello, my name is Grace; I am a photography-loving travel addicted Korean girl living in California. Living as a teenage girl in this state, this home is an escape from reality and a creative outlet for me; I write about my travels, goals and thoughts onto this little home of mine. Other than photography and travel, I also love learning about web design and law. I love creating and being creative, and this is where I share my travels and creativity with others.

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