#788: addulcet

1998, Malaysia

Ad - my name, Adina. Dulcet - sweet and soothing. Hi, my name is Adina, I am 18 years old and I come from Malaysia. As an 18-year-old girl, I've been through at least 18 years worth of pleasant and unpleasant journey, and surely it won't stop there. I love to share thoughts on my life experience. Basically, everything in my blog is for all of you who are searching for friends to walk together to travel our teenage world (:

#787: The Ritz Blog

2001, India

This blog is my attempt at documenting my wild thoughts and I really do hope to be of some help to people :D

#786: Acting Natural

1999, UK

Hiya, I'm Ella. I'm a 17 year old college student. Everyone is fighting their own demons and battles, me included. This blog isn't specific, it's just my journey on acting natural. I mainly ramble on about books, creative writing and my own journey to recovery. Hope you enjoy.

#785: studyeco

1999, UK

Documenting my journey to a eco friendly minimalist lifestyle with fewer possessions :)

#784: Storm and Silence

1999, Pakistan

Hola! Follow and join me on my journey in the blog world! I write about anything and everything that comes to mind including my experiences in life and what I learned from them. I write letters to myself and to other people as well. P.S: I just started blogging so please leave comments and let me know what you think about my blog :)

#783: StarForte

2002, Nigeria

Hello, my blog is just all about latest entertainment news (pop culture) and review of books and movies. It's also a beauty and lifestyle blog. I'll really love if you go check it out. Thanks !

#782: Distinguished Stranger's Song Blog

2000, UK

A personal diary blog.

#781: Closet Readers


2000, Ireland

Ya book blog and all things bookish .... Run by two sisters.

#780: Teenage Christian Girl in Britain

Back to school isn't always easy - be a friendly face for those who need it #backtoschool www.teenagechristiangirlinbritain.wordpress.com/blog

2000, UK

I love to write! My blog is about changing the way people see teenage Christians, and abolishing stereotypes. We are normal people too! I document my daily life, and events I go through, sharing my Christian perspective.

#779: The Mind of a Teeanger

2002, USA

This is a blog of my experiences and my opinions. On this blog you can expect to find: sarcasm, humour and a bit of ranting.

#778: cia likes to write things

2002, UK

my name is Cia and I like to write things

#777: kimberleyscampus

1998, Canada

Hello! My blog provides advice for high school students when dealing with any obstacle that school brings as well as how to make it a positive experience. I share my own experiences and hope to connect with other teens!

#776: Trips With Drew

My Photo

2000, USA

My blog is about what I learn through my life, I hope to share my experiences and lessons with all of you. I also want to share several things with you all. I hope to inspire my readers and I hope I can leave a significant affect in your life.

#775: Poppy's Paper

2000, UK

Blog about lifestyle things; thoughts on things happening in the world. Travel blog contains 14 days of blogs of recent Californian Road Trip. Film reviews, food etc - just started this so please leave comments and let me know how to improve! Thank you! x

#774: Life Of Grace


2002, USA

This blog is about my favorite recipes, my photography, my life, and anything else I want to write about!

#773: blossominghopesite

1999, USA

A Fashion and Lifestyle blog.

#772: The Perks Of Being A Memory

2003, UK

Anxiety, school, adventures, relationships. I'm a teenager and this is my story. I'm not your average sit-at-home-and-watch-youtube-all-day sort of teen, I'm more like sleep-in-a-cornfield-without-a-tent-and-stargaze sort of teen. So you should definitely join me on my adventures through cornfields, through school, relationships, anxiety and much more. ~Virgo x

#771: A Wave of Vellichor (Book Blog)

1997, Indonesia

My blog is a book blog where I'll posting my reviews about the books I've read. I'm also going to post a monthly rewind, participating in memes, and practically anything bookish.

#770: Awakened Behaviour

2002, USA

Don't we all have wild minds? We think and we believe, our minds are constantly exercising themselves with all the randomness that surrounds us, and at Awakened Behavior, Pedro shows some of this amazing randomness through his eyes.

#769: Coco The Crazy Chick

2002, Botswana

I'm your average music loving, food loving 14 year old girl. I blog about any that I' passionate about at the time, mostly food and music. I cannot live without them. I'm free spirited and unfiltered

#768: By Khushi Daryani

My reading addictionđź“– 

2002, India

I blog about what I like or don't like and how I perceive things. About my thoughts and how I feel about things. Our thoughts are a worlds apart. I want people to see the world differently yet beautifully...



1999, India

This blog is meant for the teenagers by a teen herself. This blog is centered on the life of the Gen Z teens. It discusses both the fun side and the problems of teenage.


2000, USA

Monochromatic Skies is a blog where I talk about stuff. I like to talk about art, podcasts, politics, books, pop culture, society, whats going on in the world, music, film, theatre etc. I also rant, a lot and I have an opinion on just about anything. I do a lot of different stuff, so you'll never really know what you'll find on there but it is sure to be interesting.

#765: Zie

2000, USA

Just your average teenage blog about anything and everything that catches my eye

#764: The Artsy One

1996, UK

Art, fashion, personal and my life becoming a student at university. Plenty of topics so come have a look!